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    About Queen of peace cemetery

Queen of Peace Cemetery is the newest Catholic cemetery on Long Island, located just 2 miles north of Cemetery of the Holy Rood in Old Westbury. On May 4, 2020, Bishop John O. Barres blessed the initial burial section, Section 1, designating the grounds as sacred land appropriate for Catholic burials. This blessing marks the beginning of Queen of Peace Cemetery’s service to the Catholic community.

 The first phase of development at Queen of Peace Cemetery includes many essential structures that are nearly complete. A beautiful neo-gothic style chapel was constructed, featuring stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings, and Italian marble. The administration building provides offices for cemetery operations and services. Ten garden mausoleum buildings were erected, named after important Catholic figures like Saint John Paul II, Our Lady of Fatima, and Saint Mother Teresa. A maintenance building was also built to care for the cemetery grounds.

 Queen of Peace Cemetery offers a variety of burial options to Catholic families. Gravesites include single plots that can hold up to three caskets and three urns, as well as double, triple, and quadruple plots for larger families. The mausoleum buildings contain numerous crypt and niche opportunities. Crypts are available as single, companion, or side by side installations to accommodate one or two caskets. Standard and family sized niches hold one to four urns with cremated remains. All sales require an appointment with a Customer Service Representative.

With the first phase nearly complete, Queen of Peace Cemetery’s consecrated grounds are ready to serve the local Catholic community as a peaceful and sacred final resting place, honoring the Church’s sacred burial tradition. It joins Long Island’s original Catholic cemeteries in their ministerial mission through this beautiful new sacred land.

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